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"Your work is to discover your world, and then with all your heart, give yourself to it." (Buddha)

So what is your 'world'? Even with shared visions, everyone has a specific view of the world, and it is definable as much as your fingerprints demonstrate you are not an exact replica of anyone else on the planet.

That said, we commonly identify the type of career we may seek. The fact we have a slightly different perspective on how we want to further our careers is not so important as making sure we can can do the job we are given to an acceptable standard.

What do you want to be? What do want to do? Can you be something that is currently beyond your abilities?

When I set out a few months ago to reconstruct some old websites, to make them 'responsive', I was filled with trepidation. How would I take my old projects, and at least one of them vast in size, and bring them into line with modern web design standards?

Until late least year I assumed I would need to use some ready-made templates to achieve my objective. But that seemed like hard work and I wasn't sure that this was the way forward. Having 'cut my teeth' on Microsoft's Frontpage, I then graduated to Microsoft Expression Web. But this still did not make me happy as it still did not tick all the boxes.

Then I discovered Wow! What a revelation! From being an almost complete CSS and HTML 'virgin', I quickly picked up the ability to at least put together something that actually achieved all of my objectives. I'm still very much on a learning curve, but I'm making progress!

The moral of this story is that whatever may seem difficult, insurmountable, or even impossible, does not mean there is not a solution 'out there' waiting for you to find it. In other words, you may have a hidden desire to follow a specific career path, but not have the knowledge, experience or training to realise that dream.

In the days before the World Wide Web, it wasn't easy to find what we wanted. Now we have the entire world at our fingertips. There should be nothing to stop you from obtaining that which you desire.

The only thing that can stop you is yourself. I was like that when I was younger. I lacked a lot of self-confidence in critical areas of my life and it held me back, made me make bad decisions, etc.

It doesn't have to be the same for you. If trudging along in a 9-5 job is your thing, and you are happy with your lot, then so be it. But if you really want to get out of a rut and explore the world around you, then what is stopping you?

This website exists to help you to see that there are various ways you can change your life. From time to time, I shall add other features of interest. But for now, you can explore other careers working for the State, or even consider volunteering and gaining valuable experience in areas you may not even have dreamed of before. The choice is yours.

There is a big, wide and fascinating world out there. No need to be afraid of it, as you will often find that if you are working with like-minded people, you will discover more about what you are capable of rather than just remain what you are.

The world really is your oyster, or should we say collection of oysters. Just keep opening them until you find the 'pearl' of a career that fulfils you spiritually, emotionally, and sooner or later, financially.

Go out there are grab your opportunity with both hands, and don't forget to thank God (and the internet) for making it possible for you.

"The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now". - Chinese Proverb


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